Large Never Ending - Spoiled Rotten Section

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Big Beaks has an all new concept in how you can purchase bird toys. With this large all plastic bird toy you can mix and match any type, and in any number of combinations that you choose! No one knows more about what your bird loves than you, so try this custom bird toy today. We have three different choices that are this simple - T-Bone (Has natural slices and logs, 1" pine rectangles, leather scrappies, and half natural tubes)! Spoiled Rotten or all plastics (Has duck pond animals, bright fluffy creatures, fishes, bunny rabbits, star rings, and safari animals)! All shredables (Has parrot cigars, twizlers, shredder balls, half natural tubes, and 1/2" thick pine rectangles)! You can purchase them all together to save money, or individually. You can also purchase the sections and spacers to refill your Never Ending Bird Toy in the future. There is no stringing involved like most companies refill kits. These are already strung on superior cotton rope, and slip easily over the kabob for a fast and easy refill anytime! The entire bird toy can be made completely new in a matter of minutes. This is the Large Spoiled Rotten Toy Section and spacer. They are sold individually. The large toy holds 10 of these. Other refills and varieties are listed their individual pages.